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Hakima El Haite

Hakima El HAITE is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of sustainable development, environment and climate change.  She has 26 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, as well as an appointed official and international advocate.  This experience provides her with a unique ability to identify, communicate and execute environmental policies and projects.
As the former Minister of Environment for the Kingdom of Morocco, EL HAITE updated the national legislative framework and harmonized it with international legislation, realized the national strategy for sustainable development and introduced green growth into national solid waste management and industrial policies.
She was an active negotiator for the framework of The Paris Agreement and was subsequently elected to the Vice Presidency of COP21.  She played a major role in bringing COP22 to Morocco and was a central actor in its organization and implementation.
In her capacity as Minister, EL HAITE served as a representative at the UN on climate change. She was chosen by His Majesty Mohammed VI of Morocco to be the Special Envoy, and High-Level Champion of the International Climate Conference (COP 22).  She launched the Marrakech Partnership gathering together ministers, governmental negotiators, private sector actors and civil society (seventy-five worldwide coalitions) to build a concerted agenda for action and published with the support of the UNFCCC the first year book.
In her leadership roles EL HAITE traveled worldwide to campaign for the recognition of Climate Change as an urgent national and international issue, and vital necessity to switch from words to action.  She succeeded in mobilizing sixty-eight heads of state to attend COP22 and to adhere to the Marrakech Partnership.
Prior to serving as Minister, EL HAITE was the President/CEO of EAU GLOBE, the first environmental engineering firm in Africa and the Middle East which she founded in 1994.  EAU GLOBE successfully supported the development of integrated water management strategies throughout Morocco.  She worked in the sectors of water, waste water, solid waste management, industrial depollution and institutional and legislative reforms in the field of environment and sustainable development. EL HAITE on behalf of EAU GLOBE was involved in projects in Africa and the Middle East, including those financed by the World Bank.
She serves as an international advisor on high level sustainability projects, currently acting as Special Advisor to President Macky Sall of Senegal on the development of environmental policy solutions for solid waste management and urban planning.
EL HAITE has been recognized internationally for her work.  These honors include recognition by US President OBAMA as an innovative entrepreneur in 2010 at The Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship held in Washington, D.C.

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