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Mohamed Anwar Esmat Sadat

Anwar E. El Sadat is President of Reform & Development Party in Egypt. Actively involved in politics, he has been elected in 2005 to the Egyptian People's Assembly. He was a member in the Foreign Relations Committee of the People's Assembly. He is also an active member in the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs (ECFA). He participated in a number of international political, economical and social conferences and workshops in Egypt, Arab world and Europe. He published various articles in Egyptian newspaper with special interest on political and development issues in Egypt. He is the founder and chairman of El Sadat Association for Social Development and Welfare - a non-governmental organization in Egypt (NGO), aiming at enhancing development, alleviating poverty and promoting human rights and political participation. Mr. El Sadat was elected on 6 of March 2010, as a member of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of NGOs/Foundations - Egypt. Mr. El Sadat served in Parliament 2012, where he was the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee and he was a member of the Constituent Assembly of the Constitution. Recently Mr. Anwar El Sadat was elected to the House of Representative in 2015 and reelected as Chairman of Human Rights Committee till he left the Parliament March 2017. Currently General Coordinator "Interational Dialogue Group" and Chair Committee of Civil and Political Rights at the National Council for Human Rights.

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