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Bernd Mützelburg

Bernd Mützelburg is a retired German ambassador. He served as Ambassador and Head of mission in Kenya (1991 – 1995), in Estonia (1995-1999) and in India (2006-2009). In his last assignment he was Germany´s first Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan (2009-2010).
His terms at Headquarters comprised in particular :
-     Deputy Head of German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher´s Private Office   during the years of German unification (1988-1991),
-    Director General in the Foreign Office for Global issues and United Nations matters (2001-2002)
-    Deputy Head (1999-2001) and later (2003-2005) Head of the Department for Foreign and Security


Affairs as well as Development Cooperation in the Chancellor´s Office (NSA)
After retirement from Public Service, Bernd Mützelburg became Managing Partner of “Ambassadors Associates-International Networking GmbH”, a consultancy focusing on German relations with India and the Middle East. He is also a Board Member of the German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG), where he is a co-founder of the annual German-Arab Gulf Dialogue on Security and Cooperation. Besides his consultancy work, he continues to be engaged in international mediation efforts on behalf of the German Foreign Office. For many years, he was also active as Chairman of the International Board of the German Center for International Peacekeeping activities (ZIF). 

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