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Media Effort

to Counter Radicalizationand Fake News


The next generations in the MENA region are subject to extreme

influence from radical forces who wish to foster hatred, chaos,

and frustration among them, thus pushing them to radicalization.

MENA2050 media experts are determined to drive a mindset shift

and offer alternative and moderate media via social

and classic networks – to foster hope, self-confidence,

and hopeful aspirations based on regional cooperation

amongst a growing community that will eventually

comprise approximately 1,000,000 members.


With the effort to build a regional leadership backbone, we aim to build a mid-term and long-term impact (10 to 25 years), as we hope to see the 1,000 graduates of the MENA2050 Academy leaving their mark and impacting their respective communities and countries. We also believe that the combination of regional cooperation results in a change of mindset and the emergence of new leadership, which will gradually impact the calculus of states and leaders and drive them toward resolving regional conflicts, as we have seen in other areas of the world, especially in Europe.

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