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Food Systems Subcommittee

The Food System Subcommittee (FSS) operates under the MENA2050 Climate Action Committee, consisting of experts dedicated to addressing the complex challenges of our global and regional agri-food systems, in line with the principles of the MENA2050 Green Prosperity Manifesto. The collective goal of the FSS is to drive a comprehensive 'Agri-Food Systems Transformation' within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This transformation aims to address urgent issues such as food insecurity, climate change, desertification, and socio-economic disparities, while also capitalizing on the region’s unique opportunities in entrepreneurship, rich culinary culture, strategic location and climatic diversity.By leveraging interdisciplinary expertise and fostering collaboration across sectors, the Food System Subcommittee strives to advance innovative solutions that promote sustainability, resilience, and equity throughout the agri-food systems in the MENA region. Through research, thought leadership, policy advocacy, and community engagement, their aim is to cultivate more inclusive agri-food systems that benefits both current and future generations, socially, environmentally, and economically, while honoring regional culinary culture and traditions.

Lee Recht.jpg
Dr. Lee Recht, Chair 

Lee Recht, Ph.D Vice President of Sustainability, Aleph Farms Lee’s main passion and dedication lies between climate, sustainability . ..Read More

Dr. Hassan Heshmat.jpg
Dr. Hasan Heshmat
Irak, UK

13 years of experience working alongside international companies and organizations specialized in Energy, Water, Construction..Read More

ATAD0289 (1).jpg
Leehee Goldenberg

Leehee is a lawyer and policy professional specializing in energy, infrastructure, climate change, carbon markets and resource governance.  ...Read More

Ali Ebrahim Faqeeh.jpg
Ali Faqeeh

Ali Faqeeh is an analyst at the Bahrain Centre for Strategic, International, and Energy Studies (Derasat), as well as a

...Read More

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Riad Al Khouri.jpg
Dr. Said Alahayne

Said Alahyane is a research-professor in political science at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences-Cadi Ayyad University, Morocco. ...Read More

Shirley Shahar

The Co-founder, DANA GLOBAL Shirley’s career has included significant experience in marketing and business development...Read More

Riad Al Khouri

Riad al Khouri, a Jordanian based in Amman, is a graduate of l’Ecole internationale de Genève who also  holds a BA from the American University of Beirut...Read More

Lisa Moon

Lisa is President & Chief Executive Officer of GFN. Previously, Lisa served as Vice President of Global Agriculture and Food at The Chicago..Read More

Ravit Dinmez Yehezkel.jpg
Ravit Dinmez-Yehezkel

Ravit Dinmez Yehezkel, LL.M, EMBA, possesses extensive legal knowledge in the public, private and NPO sectors in Israel. In her previous position y ..Read More

Dr. Shamal Abdulkhaliq Mohammed.jpg
Dr. Shamal Abdulkhaliq Mohammed 
Kurdistan (Iraq), UAE
Mustafa Oguz

An accomplished AgriTech executive with extensive experience in leading innovation, research and development, and digital transformation...Read More

Mustafa Oğuz is an Istanbul-based business consultant specialized in political risk, corporate affairs and policy & strategy development ..Read More

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Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed
Palestine, Israel

Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed is the Executive Director of the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies. A recognized leader in renewable energy ... Read More 

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