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Policy & Advocacy Center

for Regional Development

MENA2050 members are experienced policymakers, strategists, businesspersons, scientists, media figures, civil society leaders, and entrepreneurs from multiple domains – who are very well-connected to governments, corporations, NGOs, and academic centers. Our Policy & Advocacy Center with its partners will create policy proposals for regional development and propose and promote projects to address regional challenges and opportunities on the following domains:

  1. Food Security and Supply Chain

  2. Water Security

  3. Education and Literacy

  4. Green Energy, Energy

  5. Skill and workforce training and employability

  6. Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Brain Drain

  7. Agro-Tech/Agriculture Modernization

  8.  Regional Economy Infrastructure

  9. Healthcare and Medical Security

  10. Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain

  11. Climate Change/Pollution, Environment

  12. Tourism

  13. IT, Technology, and Digital Economy

  14. Women's Empowerment

  15. Social Security and Domestic Violence

  16. Cultural Gaps, Interfaith Dialogue, Sports and Cultural Diplomacy

  17. Trade Development

  18. Media de-radicalization

  19. Crime and Corruption (drugs, trafficking, etc.)

  20. Regional Security

In addition to the transformational projects, the Center’s annual conference will focus on the domains, projects, and policies.


The Policy & Advocacy Center publishes our “Voice of MENA2050”, which reaches the top decision-makers and influencers in the region and beyond, to drive and monitor the implementation of our proposals.
We will sometimes drive our policies and project proposals as a concept. In some cases, we may also decide to take responsibility for a specific project and build a specially dedicated team around it, with dedicated budgets and “business-like” supervision.

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