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The ambitious vision of a transcontinental corridor:

Updated: Feb 5

Connecting India to Europe through the Middle East.

In his recent video, Eli Bar-On, the Executive Director of MENA2050, discussed the remarkable announcement at the G20 summit regarding a mega infrastructure project that will stretch from India through the Middle East to Europe. This news is undoubtedly great for our region and promises a future filled with opportunities and progress. This project, combining railways, shipping routes, energy pipelines, and data cables, holds the potential for a promising future for our region.

The implementation of this project is credited to strong global and American leadership, as well as the inspiring actions of local leaders like Mohammed Bin Salman and Mohammed Bin Zayed. These steps will not only strengthen Saudi Arabia and the UAE regionally but also on a global scale.

The economic corridor of the project will enable oil-producing countries in the region to diversify their economies and prepare for a future beyond oil. This will bring economic prosperity along the corridor route.

Furthermore, the corridor opens the door for cultural exchange and interpersonal relationships in the region. It will promote more collaborative regional research, knowledge exchange, and the adoption of new technologies.

It is crucial to ensure that other countries and people in the region can also benefit from this project, including Palestinians, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, and North Africa. No one should be excluded.

Now, it is up to the leadership that conceived this idea to successfully implement it. We can look forward to the upcoming developments and the promising future that this project holds for the region. Stay tuned!

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