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لجنة العمل المناخي

 The Regional Vision Team

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Dr. Omar Al-Ubaydli

Omar Al-Ubaydli is the President of the Bahrain Economist Society. He is also an affiliated associate professor of economics at George Mason University...Read More

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Nora Alozaibi

Noora Alozaibi is an Emirati residing in the UAE. She is currently a student at New York University Abu Dhabi, and is expected to graduate with a BA in political science...Read More

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Noor Elgallal
UK, Libya

Noor Elgallal is a dual Libyan / UK citizen residing in the UK. She is a student at the University of Leeds, and is expecting to graduate with an LLB in 2024...Read More

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Layal Alghoozi

Layal Alghoozi is a Bahraini legal humanitarian professional with experience working in international organizations in policy, research, legal, and advocacy...Read More

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Arnon Bersson

Arnon Bersson is a researcher in the fields of Middle East energy security and geopolitics with a focus on the Arab Gulf States. He has worked as a researcher and analyst...Read More

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Ben Grisheff

Ben Grischeff is a recent graduate in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Cambridge.His studies retained a close focus on political...Read More

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An Introductory Note

Download Research 0

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Can the Middle East Emulate Europe’s Success in Using Economic Integration as a Vehicle for Peace?

Download Research 1

Download the Executive Summary

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