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Who We Are?

Regional Development and Hope for the MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) Region

The MENA2050 organization is led by members from across the region. They met online, and in several workshops held in the region. Having shared their hopes and concerns, they agreed on a declaration and vision for the region in 2050, as well as concrete steps to achieve a better future for the next generations. Our vision focuses on 20 domains (such as healthcare, climate change, food and water security, education, media, etc.) and offers projects to transform the region through wide regional development.  Our mission is to drive a positive mindset and promote regional development through policies and projects. 


Our uniqueness – Looking Beyond Conflicts, Focusing on Regional Development.

Our organization is a truly regional and neutral one, led by members from across the region. It goes beyond the obvious challenges of political conflicts, and focuses on an agreed vision for the region through direct dialogue between a diverse and independent thought leaders from across the region. Unlike past efforts to deal with solving conflicts, we prefer to focus on solving main challenges through cross-national cooperation. This approach will facilitate conflict resolution in the future, thanks to better regional stability, and will become the catalyst of a wide range of governmental and private initiatives. 


Regional Development and mindset shift are the keys to unlock a positive 2050 vision for our region.


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