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The MENA2050 Declaration

Drafted by the MENA2050 Members
in Manama, Bahrain in February 2022

We are proud of a partnership
driven by hope

We believe in the people of the region’s ability to build their future, and that modernization, development, and positive interactions with contemporary civilizations are not concepts that are alien to the Middle East that we hope to see in the future.
For the region is the cradle of human civilization, represented in the great civilizations of the fertile crescent and North Africa, which developed the central pillars and technologies that permit civilized life, such as farming, animal husbandry, metallurgy, and far beyond.

The region is also the birthplace of the three main religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism), which are followed by 55% of the world’s inhabitants, as well as numerous other religions and sects that persist to this day.
The European Renaissance was launched by reading the works of the ancient Greeks and Romans, translated by Middle Easterners of all confessions and ethnicities together from the ancient tongues to the Arabic language and then to Latin while adding their scholarly commentaries and annotations. Furthermore, generation upon generation of the region’s foremost scholars studied under the tutelage of mentors whose religious beliefs and ethnicities differed from their own, affirming the ability of all to live and prosper together.
This is the Middle East that we yearn for: knowledge, development, piety, dialogue, advancement, pride, dignity… And this is the Middle East that we will work to resurrect, but in a modernized form that reflects the realities of the 21st century.
The Middle East faces difficult challenges, such as wars, terrorism, climate change, and beyond.
We have faith that the inhabitants of the Middle East are able to confront these challenges and shoulder their responsibilities, to fashion a new vision consistent with the dreams of future generations.


The “MENA2050” Organization includes a diverse range of Middle Easterners of all nationalities, genders, religions, ages, tribes, and other markers of personal identity, enjoined by the realization that the region’s inhabitants are in the best position to confront its challenges, develop the solutions, and undertake the necessary steps for implementing our vision.
For we have grown weary of the conflicts, wars, violence, and oppression, and the time has come to establish constructive and effective local partnerships that are sustainable and based on an affinity for the region. Such a movement must be led by the region’s children, and its fruits must be enjoyed by those who hold the region’s interests dearly, and who look at our history with a sense of pride and loyalty while striving to build a future based on prosperity, peace, security, justice, compassion, and affection.

We believe in the ability of Middle Easterners to establish the partnerships needed to confront these challenges, and to work courageously and fearlessly, such that each Middle Easterner can be proud of their identity, and can look to the future with optimism.
Be part of this promising future. Be part of “MENA2050”.

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