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He is a Geo-Political columnist as well as a current affairs commentator on national, regional and international media. He is also involved in National Politics, As Founding Members of National Unity Assembly (Political Party-Bahrain) Served as: 1. Head of Policies and Analysis 2. Deputy Head of the Political Department 3. Personal Advisor on International and Geopolitics to the President of National Unity Media Association; Abdullah is also a Columnist (Geopolitics, Security and Defence) in different Newspapers, such as, ● Alayam newspaper, Bahrain ● Al-Ittihad Newspaper UAE ● Makkah newspaper, KSA ● Okaz Newspaper, KSA ● Security and Defence Arabia (website) ● Skynews Arabia (website) ● Middle East Online (website) ● Smt Center for Strategic Studies ● Washington Institute for Near East Studies (website) He is also a Non Resident Fellow at Trends Research & Advisory UAE and an Activist in National Reconciliation

Abdulla AlJunaid

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